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Movie Fact #55 - October 11th, 2020


The 1977 film Suspiria had an interesting element in that it was rarely filmed with sound and most of the dialogue was dubbed in post-production. This came in handy several times, notably for Udo Kier's scene as Dr. Frank Mandel. Due to technical difficulties with the sound while filming his scene, Kier's character was actually dubbed by Frank von Kugelgen in post-production. Kier's appearance had another interesting factor. Given his appearance was rushed for him, he had little time to completely read the script when it was given to him. Since the movie was filmed without sound and was later dubbed, a crew member lied on the ground (behind the stone bench where he was sitting in his scene with actress Jessica Harper) and told Kier his lines as Kier gave them to Harper. Stay tuned!

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