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Movie Fact #69 - October 25th, 2020


1994's film The Crow is as much noted for the unfortunate on-set death of Brandon Lee (Due to a mishandled prop gun) as it is for it's surprising atmosphere, depth, and action. However, when Lee died before shooting was finished, the film understandably faced the possibility of not being released at all. Lee had completed most of his scenes for the film and only had three more days of shooting to do. scheduled to shoot for only three more days.

However, Miramax picked it up with the intention of releasing it in theatres and injected a further $8 million to complete the production. To pull this off, the cast and crew took a break for script rewrites (Performed by Walon Green, René Balcer, and Michael S. Chernuchin) that adding narration and new scenes of to compensate for the flashback scenes that had yet to be completed. In addition, Lee's stunt double Chad Stahelski (Who would later go on to direct the John Wick films) was used as a stand-in and CGI was used to digitally superimpose Lee's face onto the head of the double. In addition, the beginning of the movie, which had not been finished, was rewritten, and the apartment scene remade using computer graphics from an earlier scene of Lee. The power of movie magic, the film was finished and released, giving the deceased actor a triumphant send-off. Stay tuned!

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