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Movie Fact #71 - October 27th, 2020


Vincent Price may be known for his horror performances, but he also was a great co-star to his fellow performers. Take 1971's The Abominable Dr. Phibes, of which Price plays the titular character. In this film, his co-star was Joseph Cotten who played Dr. Vesalius. Cotton did not have the best experience on this film, despite knowing Price since they worked together in the 1930's. Vincent Price said Joseph Cotten was very uncomfortable doing his scenes, so he intentionally made a lot of funny faces to make him laugh. In fact, Price himself often cracked up during filming, wrecking his makeup.

He also did his best to serve as a motivator to Cotten. During this film's production, Cotten would often grumble on the set that he had to remember and deliver lines, while Vincent Price's were all to be post-dubbed (Due to that several make-up he would wear in the film). Understandable given, in order for Joseph Cotten to know his cues, Phibes' dialogue had to be read aloud by a crew-member. Yet, Price responded, "Yes, but I still know them, Joe." This was due to the fact Price was well-known in Hollywood for his ability to memorize all of the characters' lines in a given production, not just his own.

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