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Movie Fact #73 - October 29th, 2020


Whether you believe in the supernatural adventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren, it is the level of depth and research that made 2013's The Conjuring so atmospheric and intense. In preparation for their roles, Farmiga and Wilson traveled to Connecticut to spend time three days with Lorraine Warren where both actors took in information that could not otherwise be achieved from secondary research. Farmiga, who portrayed Lorraine on-camera, spoke wonderfully about learning from her experiences. She said, "I just wanted to absorb her essence. I wanted to see the details, she has such mad style. I just wanted to see – the way she communicates with her hands, these gestures, her smile, how she moves through space". In addition, Warren also visited the set during production. And that no doubt helped give the film it's edge. Stay tuned!

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