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Movie Fact #75 - October 31st, 2020


The origin of horror characters are almost humorous. The origin of Michael Myers now defining mask is a prime example. As the original 1978 film Halloween was made on a low budget, wardrobe and props were often crafted from items on hand or that could be purchased inexpensively. Carpenter hired Tommy Lee Wallace as the production designer (Along with being the art director, location scout, and co-editor) and Wallace created the trademark mask worn by Michael Myers throughout the film from a Captain Kirk mask purchased for $1.98 from a costume shop on Hollywood Boulevard. Carpenter recalled how Wallace transformed the mask:

"He widened the eye holes and spray-painted the flesh a bluish white. In the script it said Michael Myers's mask had 'the pale features of a human face' and it truly was spooky looking. I can only imagine the result if they hadn't painted the mask white. Children would be checking their closet for William Shatner after Tommy got through with it."

According to producer/co-writer Debra Hill the idea "was to make him almost humorless, faceless—this sort of pale visage that could resemble a human or not." And now, a deformed Captain Kirk haunts the dreams of audiences for over 40 years. Happy Halloween! Stay tuned!

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