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Movie Fact #76 - November 1st, 2020


2017's First Reformed saw Ethan Hawke playing Reverend Toller. It's somewhat ironic since, in his earlier days, Ethan Hawke once actually considered becoming a priest. In addition, the title for the film was inspired by the religious background of the film's director/writer Paul Schrader which was Calvinism, the second expression of Protestant Christianity to spring out of the Protestant Reformation with the first being Lutheranism. In fact, Calvinism was a response to Lutheranism as John Calvin and his followers believed that Martin Luther had not taken his reformation far enough and sought to install doctrines that further distances themselves from Roman Catholicism. So, in case you're ever considering a change of religion, you have a little history to start with. Stay tuned!

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03 nov. 2020

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