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Movie Fact #77 - November 2nd, 2020


The 1965 James Bond film Thunderball was during a time when most stunts had to be done in some form of reality or another. Once such sequence was the sequence with the sharks in Largo's pool. After lead star Sean Connery read the script, Connery realized the risk and insisted that production designer Ken Adam build a Plexiglas partition inside the pool. However, the barrier was not a fixed structure, so when one of the sharks managed to pass through it, Connery fled the pool, seconds away from attack. Adam later told UK daily newspaper The Guardian the specifics of what happened:

"We had to use special effects, but unlike special effects today, they were real...We used lots of sharks for this movie. I'd rented a villa in the Bahamas with a saltwater pool which we filled with sharks and used for underwater filming. The smell was horrendous. This was where Sean Connery came close to being bitten. We had a plexiglass corridor to protect him, but I didn't have quite enough plexiglass and one of the sharks got through. He never got out of a pool faster in his life - he was walking on water."

The risks some people might take for art, huh? Stay tuned!

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Nov 03, 2020

Sir Sean Connery dated Jill St. John and Lana Wood during production of Diamonds Are Forever

I win

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