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Movie Fact #88 - November 13th, 2020


1994's The Paper was director Ron Howard's next project after Far and Away. He was looking to do something on the newspaper industry. It was Steven Spielberg who recommended Howard contact Koepp, who had worked with Koepp beforehand, who recommended that he get in touch with David Koepp. Coincidentally, David and his brother, Stephen, were already working on such a project and the filmmaker remembers:

“I asked about the subject of his work-in-progress. The answer was music to my ears: 24 hours at a tabloid newspaper. I liked the fact that it dealt with the behind-the-scenes of headlines. But I also connected with the characters trying to cope during this 24-hour period, desperately trying to find this balance in their personal lives, past and present.”

After much research and interviewing several reporters at various newspapers, the film was made with an all-star cast and has gone on to be a gem for fans. Stay tuned!

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