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"Music" Debuts Official Trailer


The movie Music is pretty much exactly what you would expect to be the directorial debut of singer Sia. It's synopsis reads like that of a music video:

Zu (Played by Kate Hudson), a newly sober drug dealer and self-saboteur finds herself the sole guardian of her teenaged (minor), autistic half-sister, Music (Played by Maddie Ziegler), following the death of her grandmother, who raised Music. Zu is a free spirit barely able to take care of herself, let alone her sister; Zu struggles with this new responsibility, but soon learns that life's obstacles are made easier with a little help from a friend, Ebo (Played by Leslie Odom Jr.), a neighbor whose own family story makes him someone Zu can learn from and rely upon. The film explores the tenuous bonds that hold us together and imagines a world where those bonds can be strengthened in times of great challenge. Fantasy musical sequences take place inside the title character's mind, showing how she views the world.

It's a film that visually seems perfect for the theaters and IMAX is apparently planning to release it in US theaters on February 12th though, of course, the pandemic will determine if that will happen. For now, as it's expected to be released next month, the official trailer has been released for the film. Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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