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NBC Cancels Golden Globes 2022


Following a public stir over the lack of diversity in the Hollywood Foreign Press Assocation (HFPA), NBC has chosen to cancel their planned airing of the Golden Globes next year. According to a report over at Variety:

“NBC execs were concerned that the HFPA hadn’t set a timeline for change, and the network had seen no movement on how it might rethink its membership goals. NBC had anted to see a comprehensive plan that included a doubling of the HFPA membership plus one — meaning that the number of new members would outweigh the old membership. NBC execs continued asking the HFPA for a calendar, and after not seeing a timeline — despite the reform plan announced a week ago — the network decided that it became clear there couldn’t be a show in 2022.”

As the statement above points out, despite the HFPA (who make up the voting body of the Golden Globes) promising to increase the number of people of color in its ranks and limits the amount of gifts members can receive from potential nominees (which has been a problem in the award season for decades), the Golden Globes will not be broadcast next year. Especially as major Hollywood studios and A-listers have, since the HFPA's announcement of change, decided to boycott the award show. Tom Cruise, today in a form of protest, even has decided to hand back his three Golden Globes. This is following a fairly rough year for the award season with many award shows having drastically reduced ratings. The recent 93rd Academy Awards had it's lowest audience ever, dropping nearly 60 percent from last year to roughly 10 million viewers. Is this the beginning of the end for award season? At least, award shows being on the air? Stay tuned!

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