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Netflix Acquires Gadot's "Heart of Stone" Distribution Right's


With there being uncertainty when the theaters will open up to allow for healthy box office returns on big budget projects, streaming services are grabbing up distribution rights for films that aren't even their own projects. One example was, yesterday, Chris Pratt's upcoming sci-fi film The Tomorrow War was picked up by Amazon. However, the streaming service taking the most advantage of this lately has been Netflix, grabbing everything from shows on other services like Cobra Kai to award contenders like Malcolm & Marie. And now, they have another project to add to their upcoming slate.

It's been confirmed today that Skydance Media's upcoming film Heart of Stone, an espionage thriller starring Gal Gadot that is meant to kick off a franchise for the actress, will be distributed on Netflix. Heart of Stone is one of several projects that Skydance has been trying to sell to streamers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Directed by Tom Harper, little else is known about the film except, like many espionage films, it's suppose to be a globe-trotting adventure. Stay tuned!

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