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Netflix Reteams with "Hellbound" Creator for "The Bequeathed" Series


Netflix has a running joke surrounding it's creative choices in that they greenlight "90% garbage, 10% worthwhile material". One aspect they seem to be specializing in is bringing Korean stories to the small screen with gusto. Initially, they got praise for Kingdom, focusing on a zombie outbreak during Korea's Joseon Dynasty and the show itself was noted for it's thematic approach to class structure in a monarchy. Following that, South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan) helmed the six-episode show Hellbound that deals with demons seemingly picking random people to send to hell for their past sins. Not only was it a hit but now a second season is on the way. Between that and an adaptation of the manga series Parasyte: The Grey, you'd think Yeon would have a packed-enough schedule. Yet, it's been confirmed today that Netflix is working with Yeon on that is set to begin production very soon. Keeping with Hellbound and Parasyte, Yeon merges thematic with the supernatural.

No, this not a scene from "Train to Busan"...that's Yeon directing.

Titled The Bequeathed, this new suspense drama focuses thematically on the important Korean tradition of family burial grounds, focusing on the character Yun Seo-ha, a woman who inherits family land after her uncle passes away. However, she soon finds herself dealing with strange events that bring long-buried family troubles to light. Yun will be played by Yeon's regular collaborator Kim Yung-joo who previously worked with the director on Hellbound, Undercover, and Watcher. Kim will be joined by Ryu Kyung-soo as Yun’s half-brother while Park Hee-soon and Park Byung-eun will co-star as policemen. Yeon reteams with Wow Point and RedPeter Films for the series. These production studios previuosly worked with Yeon on Train to Busan (and it's sidequel Peninsula) along with Another Child and Psychokinesis.

No release date has been announced at this time. Stay tuned!

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