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Netflix's "Dragon's Dogma" Debuts Official Trailer


If there is anything that Netflix has been succeeding at, it's surprisingly their animated shows. Even more unique is their choice to create anime adaptations based on popular video games. A few years ago, they struck gold with Castlevania (Which is currently working on it's fourth season). Now, the streaming service's next service will be based on the critically-acclaimed RPG video game Dragon's Dogma. The original game came out in 2012, but it was such a success that an enhanced version (Subtitled Dark Arisen) was ported to the newer game systems (PS4, Xbox One) by it's developer Capcom.

The story will focus on Ethan who sets out to hunt down and kill the dragon that destroyed his home. Even with a pawn by his side, who appears to protect his life, dangers lie in wait for Ethan that are beyond their imaginations. And on his way to fight a monster… Ethan just may become one too. Check out the official trailer below:

Dragon's Dogma is directed by Shin’ya Sugai from a screenplay by Kurasumi Sunayama, while Taiki Sakurai executive produces. It will be available for streaming on Thursday, September 17th.

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