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Netflix's "Feel Good" & "Ragnarok" Debut Official Season 2 Trailers


Netflix has so many shows that at this point two separate shows have revealed their official trailers for their respective sophomore seasons. First up is the British comedy-drama Feel Good that follows the development of a romance in contemporary London. The upcoming season season will also be the show's final season, dealing with the aftermath of the relapse of Mae (Played by Mae Martin who created the show based on her own personal life) as she tries to reconnect with George (Played by Charlotte Richie). The season is set to land on Netflix later this year. Check out the trailer below:

And there is also a trailer for season 2 of Ragnarok, the Norwegian-language fantasy drama series, that follows a teenage boy named Magne who discovers he is the reincarnation of Thor and must battle the rich Jutul family in his Norwegian town of Edda in Hordaland, Western Norway as their factories are destroying the planet. The four members of the Jutul family are revealed to be four Jötunn (frost giants and giantesses) and season 2's trailer shows the battle begin more openly with plenty of action. Check it out below:

Season 2 of Ragnarok is set to land on Netflix on May 27th.

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1 Comment

May 19, 2021

Holy shit this looks like garbage. Will Netflix give me a show?

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