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Netflix's "Resident Evil" Series Debuts Teaser AND Hidden Trailer on Site


Honestly, it's kind of nice to see someone have a little fun with marketing, even if it is just for the upcoming Netflix series adaptation of the hit Resident Evil video game series. Today, a teaser trailer was released which you can check out below:

HOWEVER, within the video was both a QR code and URL that directs audiences to the website . At first appearing like an in-universe marketing site for Umbrella, a second trailer appears giving hints to how the virus spreads, namely through a type of drug created by Wesker (Lance Reddick) that utilized the T-Virus to help create an antidepressant meant to treat OCD and anxiety. Go for irony, but this allows it to spread easier, leading to the main story as two sisters try to survive Raccoon City. Check it out below:

Resident Evil is set to premiere on Netflix on July 14th,

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