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Netflix's "Stowaway" Featurette Break's Down Film's VFX


Netflix's film Stowaway surprised as a solid, claustrophobic space adventure. One aspect being praised was the production design which screenwriter-director Joe Penna helped pull off in the script by immersing himself in space design research, ultimately choosing the International Space Station for the model of the ship in the film. Then, production designer Marco Bittner Rosser had the challenge of creating a spaceship set design that added to the claustrophobia of the story while making it functional for the shooting crew. Rosser’s earliest conversations with Penna were technical, with Rosser asking the questions: How do elements that are in the script have to work functionally inside the ship, then relate to the [spinning] exterior? How do they get from A to B? What are the connections between the modules?

Giving a breakdown of how the film accomplished it's production design and VFX, a featurette has been released today which you can check out below:

Stowaway is currently available to watch on Netflix. Stay tuned!

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Simon Durand
Simon Durand
02 may 2021

ANother space movie like we needed one. I watched it, it's not good, not good at all, too long and way too boring.

Me gusta
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