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Netflix's "The Kominsky Method" Debuts Official Season 3 Trailer


It was pretty shocking when The Kominsky Method co-star Alan Arkin left the show after it's second season. Serving as second billed to only lead star Michael Douglas, Arkin's character Norman Newlander was essential as agent and friend to Douglas character, once successful actor Sandy Kominsky who now works as a revered acting coach in Hollywood.

Sadly, season 3's trailer confirms that, as an in-narrative excuse, Norman died between the events of season 2 and the upcoming new season. As a trade-off, Kathleen Turner's character Ruth has been upgraded to a series regular and Morgan Freeman will join the cast as an antagonist of the story. Check out the official trailer below:

Season 3 of The Kominsky Method is set to premiere on Netflix on May 28th.

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