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Netflix's "The Queen's Gambit" Confirms Premiere with Trailer


Last time Scott Frank did a series for Netflix, audiences got the critically-acclaimed Godless. Now, he's going from a showdown of colts to queens as he directs and co-wrote the script for the upcoming miniseries adaptation of author Walter Tevis’ coming-of-age novel The Queen’s Gambit.

The series focuses on Beth Harmon (Played by Anya Taylor-Joy.). As a young girl, she was abandoned and entrusted to a Kentucky orphanage in the late 1950's. While discovering an astonishing talent for chess, she unfortunately develops an addiction to tranquilizers which are provided by the state as a sedative for the children. As Beth ages and transforms into an impressively skilled and glamorous outcast determined to conquer the traditional boundaries established in the male-dominated world of competitive chess, she will be haunted by her personal demons, fueled by a cocktail of narcotics and obsession.

Today, the miniseries has been announced it's premiere date on the streaming service to be October 23rd with a trailer that teases some footage. Check it out below:

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