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Netflix's "Young Wallander" Debuts Official Trailer


Often Kenneth Branagh is associated with his work as a big screen director and actor, often presenting lavish stories that range from Shakespeare adaptations to the first Thor. However, he's also known for being the latest and most recognized version of the character Kurt Wallander in the series Wallander which ran for four seasons. Based on the mystery novels of Henning Mankell, now Netflix is releasing a prequel/origin story to the latter adventures of the character titled Young Wallander. The official trailer has been released today. Check it out below:

This reimagining will follow the character in his early 20's and will center around his formative professional and personal experiences created from his first-ever case in which he witnesses a brutal crime after recently graduating from the police academy. From there, he is pulled into solving it under the wing of superintendent Hemberg. Stay tuned!

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