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Netflix to Offer Free Films & Shows


At one point, Netflix had cornered the market on streaming. Through their own original productions in film and television, along with an expansive catalog (Courtesy of their contracts with various studios), they set a standard for the new age of entertainment. So much so that those same studios have attempted to duplicate their concept with many now possessing their own streaming services.

As a result, Netflix has seen much of their catalog dissipate and losing several subscribers. While Netflix seems to still hold the highest viewership for now, they seem determined to make prove the validity of their own original productions and bring in more subscribers globally. To do this, Netflix is set to make several of its original TV shows and movies available free to watch without a subscription. A spokesman had this to say:

“We’re looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience.”

The films reported to be free are Bird Box, Murder Mystery, and The Two Popes while the first episodes of shows like Stranger Things, Elite, Grace and Frankie, When They See Us, Our Planet, and The Boss Baby: Back in Business. They can all be watched at However, they will only be available for web browsers on desktops or on mobiles with Android OS, meaning no Apples devices (iPhones or iPads). Stay tuned!

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