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Netflix Trailers: "Narcos: Mexico" (Final Season), "The Club"


Netflix has released a couple trailers today for some of their upcoming properties. Check them out below...


Narcos: Mexico (Season 3)

Set to repeat the story flow of the original series, Narcos: Mexico will conclude it's run with it's upcoming third season. This the length the original show Narcos had as well before season 4 became season 1 of its companion series. It has already been confirmed that actor Diego Luna would not be returning to reprise his role as Félix Gallardo, who character was imprisoned at the end of the last season. Set in the 1990's the third season will see Mexico becomes a more violent and chaotic world says showrunner Carlo Bernard told EW why he chose to have the upcoming season as the final season in the Mexico spin-off and the overall swan song of the Narcos franchise:

“There is no end to this stuff, so at some point you just have to draw a line and work towards that. We tried to design something that captured the sprawling, ongoing nature of the phenomenon and tragedy of the drug business, but also told a satisfying and complete story.”

Check out the trailer below:

The final season will premiere on Netflix on November 5th.


The Club (Official Trailer)

As one historically-based story ends, another begins. Also coming November 5th to Netflix is the

period drama series The Club. Set in 1950's Istanbul, amid political unrest, a Jewish mother seeks to reconnect with her daughter after being released from prison. This show is not to be confused with the two-season Mexican-language series The Club that premiered on Netflix in November of 2019 and ran for two seasons.

Check out the trailer below:


Stay tuned!

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