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New Poster: "Wheel of Time" Series


Amazon is pulling out all the stops to create a faithful adaptation of Robert Jordan's epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time. If they pull it off, they have a long-running series with plenty of years of stories given the original book series consists of 14 installments (along with a prequel novel and two companion novels). Therefore it's no surprise executive producer and showrunner Rafe Judkins worked with the late-Jordan’s wife and editor, Harriet McDougal, and author of the final books in the series, Brandon Sanderson. Both are serving as consulting producers.

It's perhaps for this reason that the new poster for the series adaptation has gotten good reception from fans, particularly for the depiction of the eyeless Myrddraal and the brutal human/animal hybrids known as Trollocs (essentially the foot soldiers of the Dark One's armies during the War of the Shadow). The Myrddraal also possess the ability to disappear into, or move between shadows. Check out the official poster below:

The Wheel of Time is set to premiere on Amazon on November 19th.

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Oct 08, 2021

Can't wait to see how woke they make it and how much it pisses the fans off.

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