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New "Tron" Film Hires "Lion" Director


While many hoped for a direct sequel to 2010's TRON: Legacy, for awhile there has been talk of Jared Leto leading a new film separate from the first two films. And it's seemed more likely every day as reports came of multiple drafts being written for this new take (The most recent one penned by Jesse Wigutow) and Leto is allready also set to produce the film alongside Justin Springer and Emma Ludbrook. Now, it's an almost certainty as today the film got itself a director.

Said to have aggressively pursued the job, and winning over Disney executives with his take on the material, it's been confirmed today that Garth Davis is set to helm the new Tron. Davis's past films include a double collaboration with actress Rooney Mara on the films Lion and Mary Magdalene. The project has still not been officially greenlit but with a script, producers, and now a director, it's almost inevitable. Hopefully, Davis will help bring the Grid back to the big screen with the assurance he seemed to project to Disney Pictures in getting the job to begin with. Stay tuned!

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