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New "Witcher" Poster Teases Geralt's Destiny


Henry Cavill's Geralt was inextricably linked with Crown Princess Ciri (Played by Freya Allan) back in season one of Netflix's The Witcher. And with a season three already greenlit, this holiday season's season two will no doubt set Geralt up for more ambitious storylines while delving into his mysterious past as well as set-up his future. As both collide in his present (hopefully with a less confusing set of time jumps), Geralt will have to come to accept he is not just a Witcher, but something with a greater destiny. Something that is teased in the new poster that the show's co-creater Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has put up on her Twitter page, teasing that season two will also force Geralt to shed his cold exterior. Check it out below:

Season two of The Witcher will consist of eight episodes. It is scheduled to be released on Netflix on December 17th.

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