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Nicole Kidman Talks "The Northman"


Nicole Kidman has worked hard to establish a wide range of projects she is willing to take. However, one of her strangest movies may be one of her upcoming projects in the form of The Northman, the third directorial effort of up-and-comer Robert Eggers. Talking today about it, her immediate comment on the film when an interviewer commented it would probably be weird was a chuckle and the question “It’s very weird, how’d you guess?”. She then expanded on about the project, not only finding it terrifying to do during the pandemic but also realizing the film was a new challenge for her

"This is so important. And that’s why I went: I want to work with these people and if we can do with safety, so fantastic and we did. The film is finished. It was crazy wild and I have a supporting role in it. But [Robert] Eggers is really fascinating. He’s part of the new guard, he’s coming in, they’re going to take over. He’s a great filmmaker."

Little is known about the film's plot beyond it being set at the turn of the 10th century in Iceland and focuses on Nordic prince Amleth (Played by stars Alexander Skarsgård), who seeks revenge after his father is murdered. It can also be confirmed that Kidman is playing a character named Queen Gudrun and Ethan Hawke is playing her King. But to discover more, as with Egger's two previous films The Witch and The Lighthouse, you'll have to go see it as Eggers is known for being highly secretive about his movies. Though even the release date is a mystery in these uncertain times. Stay tuned!

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