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Official Clip: "Last Night in Soho"


It's still somewhat unclear what Edgar Wright's newest film Last Night in Soho is all about though it seems to be somewhat about contemporary themes of needing to be in the most up-to-date trends and celebrity worship. As the story follows a young girl named Eloise (Played by Thomasin McKenzie) who stays in an apartment and finds herself living the life of her fashion icon in the 1960's, it's not hard to believe.

It's certainly enhanced by the new official clip released today that is titled "It's A Bit Old-Fashioned" and sees Eloise moving into the film's main setting (her apartment). As an added and ghoulish addition, Eloise's landlady is played by the late Diana Riggs (in her final role) who just happened to be a fashion icon in her youth as well. But to the point, Eloise's enamor with the past in a way that seems to indicate a theme of the dangers of nostalgia. Check out the clip below:

Last Night in Soho co-stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, and Terence Stamp. It is set to hit theaters October 29th.

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