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Official Clip: "Twist"


Inspired by Charles Dickens’s iconic novel Oliver Twist, the upcoming crime-thriller Twist looks to up the action, setting the story in contemporary London and following the journey of Twist (Played by Raff Law).

In this variation, the orphan lead is a gifted graffiti artist trying to find his way after the loss of his mother. Lured into a street gang headed by the paternal Fagin (Played by Michael Caine), Twist is attracted to the lifestyle...oh...and to the alluring member of Fagin's Crew, Red (Sophie Simnett). However, when an art theft goes wrong, Twist’s moral code is tested as he’s caught between Fagin, the police, and a loose-cannon enforcer (Played by Lena Headey). As the official clip released today shows, the consequences of their failure will set them on a journey that will change them forever. Check it out below:

Twist co-stars Noel Clarke and Rita Ora. It is directed by Martin Owen (who co-wrote the script with Sally Collett and John Wrathall). The film became available on Sky Cinema on January 29th. It is set to be released in theaters sometime later this year. Stay tuned!

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