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Official Teaser: "Monster Hunter", Release Date Moved Up


Out of the blue, and quite brief, the first official teaser for Paul W.S. Anderson's new film Monster Hunter, based on the game franchise of the same name, has popped up today. The synopsis is as follows:

An elite military force, led by Lt. Artemis (Played by Milla Jovovich), fall through a portal into a world populated by giant monsters. They meet a hunter (Played by Tony Jaa) who helps them to survive in the world and fight against the monsters as they seek a way home.

Only briefly teasing the monsters and some of the cast in the game, the biggest shocker was actually the trailer announcing the game won't hit theaters next year but actually land in theaters this December. Check it out below:

Monster Hunter co-stars T.I., Ron Perlman, Meagan Good, and Diego Boneta.

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