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Official Trailer #2: "American Gigolo" Series Adaptation


Paul Schrader hasn't exactly been coy about his disapproval of Showtime's upcoming series adaptation of his hit 1980 neo-noir film American Gigolo. Not mention I think we can all agree the series is pushing the limits of suspension of disbelief by casting Rosie O'Donnell as a police detective.

Perhaps the one true motivation to watch the show is lead star Jon Bernthal whose track record the last few years has been spectacular and having recently succeeded on the small screen with the acclaimed HBO series We Own This City. That being said, he's primarily known for playing tough guy action roles so whether he can switch-up and play modern sex worker who just got out of prison is anyone's guess.

Today, Showtime has released it's second official trailer for the series to give audiences more evidence as to whether or not it's possible Bernthal can transition from hardcore action star to an emotionally fragile and regretful man. Check it out below:

American Gigolo is set to premiere on Showtime on September 9th. Stay tuned!

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7 comentários

19 de ago. de 2022

looks okay but i would prefer more punisher

20 de ago. de 2022
Respondendo a

100% agreed. the show was shit aside from a few scenes. with proper writers it could be very bad ass.

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