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Official Trailer #2: "The Black Phone"


Ethan Hawke has had a pretty great year. One of his most prolific as he's never short of starring roles in strong indie dramas that allow him to offer grounded and human roles. However, this year he's had some fun, playing an eclectic array of roles in major projects. He's starring as villain Arthur Harrow in the hit Moon Knight series on Disney+ (after lampooning the superhero genre for years) and had a small, but important role in the critically-acclaimed Robert Eggers-directed Viking flick The Northman. And how, he reteams with his Sinister helmer Scott Derrickson for the former's return to the horror genre, The Black Phone, based on the 2004 short story written by Joe Hill. A role that Hawke has gotten praise for in early reviews for the film.

It's easy to see why as the new trailer shows Hawke is fully immersed in his performance, giving his most terrifying efforts as the masked kidnapper referred to who thinks he has his latest victim, Finney Shaw (Mason Thames), right where he wants him in the soundproof basement he keeps his victims in before killing them. However, little does he know that Finney has strange allies in his confined space...the Grabber's past victims who communicate to Finney through a disconnected phone in the basement. Check out the new trailer below:

The Black Phone is set to hit theaters on June 24th.

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