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Official Trailer: "Air"


While Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have touted their lifelong friendship for their entire, respective careers, they have rarely worked together. Beyond co-starring together in Good Will Hunting (which saw them take home the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay), they recently worked together again in 2021's The Last Duel. Now, however, they are set to co-lead the upcoming biographical comedy-drama film Air.

The film sees Matt Damon take on the role of Sonny Vaccaro, a shoe salesman at Nike who works to sign Michael Jordan to a deal to wear their shoes. Ben Affleck, who directs the film from a script written by Alex Convery, will also co-star as the co-founder, chairman and, at the time, CEO of the Nike. While no one has been announced to play Michael Jordan (most likely set to be seen through archive footage), Viola Davis and Julius Tennon are set to appear as his older sister Deloris and father James R. Jordan Sr., respectively.

The film seems to emulate the Oscar-winning success of Affleck's previous biographical film Argo in which Affleck worked to emulate the look and feel of the era portrayed on film. Argo notably even tried to make the film look grainier to make the film appear it was made on classic film reels and used the classic Warner Bros. logo in the opening credits. For this new film, Affleck and Damon look poised to deliver an interesting biopic that, at least as shown in the trailer, covers the chaotic and often insane lengths companies will go to to recruit celebrities to endorse their brands. Though, in the case of the famous Air Jordan shoes, it was also about owning the image of a celebrity by cementing their name onto their product. A type of recruitment that has only gotten more out-of-control in recent years. Check out the trailer below:

Air co-stars Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, and Chris Tucker. Despite being produced by Amazon, the film is set to be released exclusively in theaters on April 5th.

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