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Official Trailer: Amazon's "Bliss"


What happened if you were in the Matrix but you didn't know when you were out of it? That is the question proposed in the new film Bliss which follows Owen Wilson as as unfulfilled man who meets a mysterious woman at a bar (Played by Salma Hayek), a woman he's been having recurring dreams of. Oh...and she reveals he's in a simulated reality she created. Now, he must figure out what's real and what's not as reality and simulation bleeds into each other.

Today, the official trailer has been released ahead of it's release on Amazon Prime on February 5th. Check it out below:

Bliss co-stars Madeline Zima, DeRon Horton, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and Joshua Leonard. It is written and directed by Mike Cahill whose last project was the 2014 film I Origins. Stay tuned!

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1 Comment

Jan 13, 2021

Just spin a top like Leo did in that movie.

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