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Official Trailer: AMC's "Rogue Agent"


While it landed on Netflix in the UK back in July, the British thriller Rogue Agent has just landed on AMC+ today. Based on a true story, the film retells the insane events of Robert Hendy-Freegard who masqueraded as an MI5 agent and fooled several people into going underground for fear of assassination by the IRA.

The film draws inspiration from the article Chasing Agent Freegard that was written by Michael Bronner. Bronner co-wrote the script for this adaptation alongside screenwriter Declan Lawn. While actor James Norton plays Freegard, actress Gemma Arterton adds further perspective to the bizarre story, co-starring as the person who brought Freegard down. Though far more disturbing is not just the con game Freegard played, but the twisted actions he brought upon his victims. Briefly teased in the official trailer below:

Rogue Agent co-stars Shazad Latif, Marisa Abela, Edwina Findley, and Julian Barratt. It is directed by Adam Patterson.

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