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Official Trailer: "Another Round"


While the story of four teaches making a pact to stay drunk, as they contend with middle age, may seem bizarre...2020 might argue in favor of this. But in any case, Another Round in irony may serve as a refreshing tale given it takes the often quite serious actor Mads Mikkelson who sheds his stoic mannerism to explore such a way of living, how it can at first be pleasurable before forcing someone to face their issues head-on. With the official trailer released today, shenanigans and breakthroughs will ensue. Check it out below:

Another Round co-stars Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang, and Lars Ranthe. It is directed by Thomas Vinterberg (Who co-wrote the script with Tobias Lindholm). It is set to arrive in theaters on December 4th before landing on VOD on December 18th. Stay tuned!

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11 nov. 2020

And he's going to replace Johnny Depp in fantastic beasts

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