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Official Trailer: "Blast Beat"


Following in the footsteps of Minari, Blast Beat sees another immigrant family chasing the American dream. This time, the story is set in 1999 as the millennium hangs overhead. Brothers Carly and Mateo (Played by real-life brothers Mateo and Moises Arias) prepare to move to the United States from politically torn Colombia for their last years of high school alongside their parents (Played by Diane Guerrero and Wilmer Valderrama). But as the family struggles to adapt in the US, Carly's dreams of attending the Georgia Aerospace Institute and working for NASA become his driving force to escape.

Check out the official trailer for the film below:

Blast Beat is directed by Esteban Arango (Who co-wrote the script with Erick Castrillon). It is set to be released simultaneously in select theaters and on-demand on May 21.

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