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Official Trailer: "Clapboard Jungle"


Anyone can be a filmmaker. In fact, some of your favorites were just no-nothings at one point who picked up a camera, made a couple films off no budget, and eventually the industry noticed them. But even some of the most passionate filmmakers, some of the most beloved cult icons, struggle to get the funding to truly bring their ambitions to life. And in the current industry that has long since distanced itself from artist-driven projects, choosing the most profitable general crowd-pleasers first and foremost, it's even harder now to truly have a vision and get it made.

Clapboard Jungle is a very introspective documentary, chronicling the last five years of it's independent director, Justin McConnell, as he tries to survive in the current film business. But, he's not alone as the documentary intersperses interviews with the likes of artists such as Guillermo Del Toro, Richard Stanley, Barbara Crampton, Paul Schrader, Tom Savini, George A. Romero, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Michael Biehn, Frank Henenlotter, and many more. And as the trailer released today shows, it is difficult, but it's not impossible:

Clapboard Jungle is set to arrive on Digital/VOD on January 19. Stay tuned!

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