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Official Trailer: "Cobra Kai" (Season 5)


Becoming one of the most popular shows in modern era, Cobra Kai has found the sweet spot between old-school nostalgia and new age contemplation. Taking a 1980's gem of a film and approaching it with more complexity, ultimately mining the characters and situations of richer layering than could have ever been imagined when the original John G. Avildsen-directed feature landed in theaters back in 1984.

Fast forward, the hit show is set to release it's 5th season on Netflix on September 9th as Johnny finds himself searching for a runaway Miguel and Daniel teams-up with his former enemy-turned-friend Chozen to try to stop Terry Silver and his more vicious karate from taking over the Valley. As the trailer shows, it will be a Battle Royale of new team-ups and old rivalries, a core of the show's narrative that keeps making it so fun. Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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