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Official Trailer: "Final Account"


It's so easy to look at the era of Nazi Germany and simply condemn the country as a whole...but it's never so simple. From this writer's perspective, people start out good and often get turned around by just the right sequence of events. The upcoming documentary Final Account looks to explore just what it took for a country to turn it's back on it's collective humanity.

Serving as a sort of last-will-and-testament, the documentary is primarily composed of interviews with the last living generation of people that participated in Adolf Hitler's Third Reich who choose to now speak about their experiences as they come to the end of their lives. To come to terms with their participation in perhaps the greatest atrocity against humankind. The documentary was nearly a decade in the making and actually serves as the swan song of director Luke Holland who sadly passed last year after completing the film. This essentially serves as a conclusion of sorts to a loose trilogy of films Holland has done on the subject of Nazi Germany, following his other documentaries Good Morning, Mr. Hitler and I Was a Slave Labourer.

The film will land in theaters on May 21st and a trailer has been released today to herald it's release. Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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