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Official Trailer: "Great Expectations"


Steven Knight has a certain talent for storytelling that involves deception and trying to succeed on the dark side of living. Whether it's his acclaimed show Peaky Blinders or his work on such films as David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises, he's never afraid to shed blood and tears from his performers and the audience. So, despite Great Expectations being adapted a thousand times before, having Knight write the scripts for the upcoming series adaptation of Charles Dickens' legendary novel seems comforting somehow. It helps to have Oscar-winning actress Olivia Coleman as the conniving Miss Havisham, but as the full trailer shows, the combination may be a potent one. Check it out below:

Great Expectations is set to premiere on FX on Hulu on March 26th. This marks Knight's second collaboration between the BBC and FX, his second after his 2019 take on another Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol.

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