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Official Trailer: "Gully"


The upcoming drama Gully actually had it's world world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival back in 2019. It didn't get it's distribution rights acquired until September 2020 when Vertical Entertainment and Paramount Pictures acquired them. Though, to be fair, it's plot sounds like it would have run into competition with other anarchistic films such as the Purge series or, more recently, the sci-fi film Voyagers. Whatever the reason, the synopsis is as follows:

Three teens living in LA, all victims of extreme childhoods, wreak a hedonistic riot across the city over the course of 48 hours, unbound by societal norms. They take us on a rip-roaring ride of drugs and murder across Los Angeles.

Today, the official trailer has been released by Paramount. Check it out below:

Gully stars Jacob Latimore, Charlie Plummer, Jonathan Majors, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Amber Heard, and Terrence Howard. It is the directorial debut of Nabil Elderkin and will land in theaters on June 4th.

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May 21, 2021

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