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Official Trailer: Katayama's "Missing"


Japanese filmmaker Shinzô Katayama is still a new name as a director. Before his 2018 directorial debut Siblings of the Cape, the first ten years of his career before that was working as an assistant director, notably as a third assistant director on his close friend Bong Joon Ho's acclaimed 2009 film Mother. He also worked with the director the year before on the 2008 anthology film Tokyo! Clearly an influence in his own directorial efforts, Katayama's newest film Missing could double as a spin-off of Parasite (2019). Though this seems to have paid off as the film's various debuts at various film festivals has led it to carry 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The story follows Santoshi Harada (Jirô Satô) who has sunk into depression and debt following the death of his wife. His daughter, high school student Kaede (Aoi Itô) voices her concerns often on it so to ease their debt, Santoshi tells Kaede he will track down a serial killer and collect the reward. However, Santoshi then disappears and Kaede must find out what happened to him. And as the trailer shows, this mystery will serve as only the shell of a dive into poverty and desperation. Check out the exclusive trailer for the film (via Screenrant) below:

Katayama co-wrote the screenplay Kazuhisa Kotera & Ryô Takada. The film has yet to get a theatrical release in the US. Stay tuned!

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