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Official Trailer: "Naked Singularity"


John Boyega has been in the press for all the wrong reasons as of late, following his sudden (and unannounced) departure from the Netflix film Rebel Ridge several weeks into production. While that film will have to be rescheduled to recommence filming next year (with a new lead), Boyega seems to have plenty of projects...that he actually completed. Point-in-case is the upcoming comedy-drama Naked Singularity which follows Boyega as a successful New York public defender whose life begins to unravel after he loses his first case.

As the first trailer shows today...that leads to quite a strange sequence of events that somehow lead to Boyega taking up a samurai sword. Check it out below:

Naked Singularity co-stars Olivia Cooke, Bill Skarsgård, Ed Skrein, Linda Lavin, and Tim Blake Nelson. It is directed by Chase Palmer in his directorial debut (and he co-wrote the script with David Matthews). It is scheduled to be released in a limited release on August 6th before being released on VOD on August 13th.

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