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Official Trailer: Netflix's "Clark"


Bill Skarsgård is starting to reveal a particular type of character he prefers. Characters that deceive in appearance before doing...well very bad things. His career began on the Netflix series Hemlock Grove in which he starts out as charming, but brooding rich kid and is later revealed to be an Upir (a demonic being that is a prototype to the vampire). Then, his career jumped up to the big leagues when he took on otherworldly Pennywise in the two-part It film series, coming off as a humorous clown who then kills out of fear. Now, he takes on a role based in history but one that is as strange as his past otherworldly roles. That of notorious Swedish gangster/bank robber Clark Olofsson...who single-handedly might have been the originator of Stockholm Syndrome when he committed the 1973 Norrmalmstorg robbery, leading to a hostage situation. One in which the captives appeared to bond with their captors and protect them.

Though the new Netflix series Clark also functions as a deconstruction of Olofsson while series director Jonas Åkerlund, known for action and bizarre natures of people for such films as Polar and Lords of Chaos, presents it with an appropriate chaotic depiction of his life. Åkerlund gave more detail in a quote released alongside the trailer where he discusses his approach and praising his lead actor in the title role:

"Clark is the story about the most politically incorrect man, who lived the most politically incorrect life. These are the kinds of stories I always look for. It's an ultra-violent, witty, emotional, real, and surreal biography to put a face to the name Stockholm Syndrome, but it isn't just about the Norrmalmstorg Robbery. It's about his whole life and what made him who he is, the truth and lies of his incredible career.
Bill Skarsgård is the perfect match for this and he will bring the Stockholm Syndrome to the role. And Netflix is the perfect platform, they are not just the biggest streaming service, they also have the boldness to tell this incredible story."

Check out the full trailer for the film below:

Clark is set to be composed of six-episodes. It will premiere on Netflix on May 5th.

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