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Official Trailer & Poster: "PVT Chat"


In the digital age, a major concern related to social interaction is how this new age commodifies human relationships, seemingly taking away the intimacy once had between people before all eyes were able to to focus on us. This is something to indeed consider the consequences of during a pandemic where people are quarantined at home and many have turned to such sites as a way to escape the troubles they see on the news every day.

PVT Chat follows the previously acclaimed 2018 film Cam, except instead of dealing with the female performer's struggle to maintain her identity, the story reverses the situation and deals with the client of one. In this case, the character of Jack (Played by ). Initially starting out in the story as an internet gambler living in NYC, Jack becomes fixated on a cam girl from San Francisco named Scarlet. The poster for the film quickly makes sure to identify that fixation:

However, Jack's obsession reaches a boiling point when fantasy materializes in reality and Jack sees Scarlet on a rainy Chinatown street. As the trailer shows, this leads to a psychological rabbit hole in which a man struggles to separate the fantasy girl from the person he sees before him. Check it out below:

PVT Chat is written and directed by Ben Hozie. It is set to land in available theaters on February 5, 2021, followed by a VOD and Digital HD release on February 9, 2021.

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1 Comment

Jan 06, 2021

Julia Fox is a step away from being a real cam girl. That's why they put her fat ass on the poster. It's the only thing she has to offer.

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