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Official Trailer: "Songs for a Sloth"


Songs for a Sloth is anything but a conventional film. Serving as a directorial debut for commercial and music video director Bradley Hasse, Hasse's musical background clearly leaked into the script he co-wrote with Richard Hollman. Hollman also stars in the film as Maxwell, a man on the edge of a mental breakdown who is shocked to find he’s inherited a sloth sanctuary from his father. That's the normal part of the story.

Things get stranger when a talking sloth (Voiced by Jack McBrayer) visits his dreams and this prompts Maxwell into an obsessive quest to save the animal’s habitat in his waking life by returning to his first passion, music. In order to complete the task though, he must enlist the help of his lazy brother (Brian McCarthy) and self-involved sister (Ava Eisenson).

It is indeed weird, but if you're interested in weird, a new trailer has been making the rounds the last few days which you can check out below:

Songs for a Sloth co-stars Arian Moayed. It is set to arrive on VOD on June 15th.

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