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Official Trailer: Starz's "Heels"


It's never fun to be the bad guy. So it's pretty understandable why the new Starz show Heels would depict a rivalry between two brothers in wrestling when one is forced to play the villain, or "heel" in professional wrestling, while the other gets to play the heroas they play out scripted matches. It's also understandable how this might translate into an uncomfortable war outside of the ring where the brothers fight over their late father's wrestling promotion and vie for national attention in small town Georgia.

The new show Heels has been in development for some time and is finally landing on Starz on August 15th. Ahead of that, an official trailer has been released that shows the intense rivalry between the the two Spade brothers, Jack (Played by Stephen Amell) and Ace (Played by Alexander Ludwig). Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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