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Official Trailer: "The Velvet Underground" Documentary


Director Todd Haynes has never really done one specific type of story though he does like to address social changes and themes of rebellion. Whether it's the lesbian love story Carol (2015) or the true story legal thriller Dark Waters (2019), Haynes prefers to reveal the raw consequences of life and stepping outside the boundaries of approved society. Though his new documentary The Velvet Underground has more in common with his Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There (2007) than anything else, putting a microscope to the titular band who left an impact in rock 'n' roll during the intense social and sexual revolutions of the time. The very color choice of the documentary's official poster implies this roguish nature:

While the film already had it's world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival last month (currently carrying a 100% rating based on 19 reviews), it will be able to be seen by general audiences when it released on Apple TV+ on October 15th. Today, the official trailer has been released which you can check out below:

Like many other films in the last couple years, the interviews for the documentary were shot back in 2018 with Haynes having received co-operation of the surviving members of the band including founding member John Cale. Now, it will finally be available three years later for music and history enthusiasts alike so as to view a band that weaved both together into the lexicon of rock 'n' roll culture. Stay tuned!

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