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"Peaky Blinders" Film Gets 2023 Start


Speaking at a BFI London Film Festival panel on writing across genres, Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight took some time to confirm a new things in relation to his popular crime series. Not only has the sixth and final season completed post-production (set for a spring 2022 bow), but in a separate interview with Variety at the panel has also confirmed that the film that is set to follow the season will go into production in 2023.

Knight had this to say:

"And then I am going to write the feature which will be set in and shot in Birmingham. And that will probably be the sort of the end of the road for Peaky Blinders as we know it."

Despite this confirmation that the show will bring a close to the main narrative, Knight did acknowledge there could be shows related to the Peaky Blinders universe though he preferred not to use the term spin-offs (a word he is not fond of). However, he said that he might not supervise such spin-offs and will "pass on the baton" to another to take on the mantle. Stay tuned!

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