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Photos: Tom Holland in "Cherry"


Anthony and Joe Russo may have had a string of blockbusters at Marvel (And currently are the directors of the highest-grossing movie of all-time with Avengers: Endgame), but now the Russo Brothers will have their talent tested outside of the popular cinema arena with their next film, the true story-inspired crime drama Cherry. The film sees the directors re-teaming with Tom Holland who takes on the role of former Army medic Nico Walker who returned from Iraq with extreme un-diagnosed PTSD and fell into opioid addiction and began robbing banks. Today, courtesy of Vanity Fair, several new photos have been released for the film which you can check out below:

Though not indicative in the photos, along with those photos came the Russos teasing the unique structure of the film's tone which will be indicative of the six chapters the film will be based on, spanning a fifteen year period from the mid-2000's to the present. Different lenses and different production design will be used in each chapter to span genres ranging from horror to magical realism to even absurdism. How this will all tie together narratively will be interesting, but no doubt the Russos are displaying quite the ambition.

Cherry co-stars Ciara Bravo, Bill Skarsgard, Jack Reynor, Forrest Goodluck, Jeff Wahlberg, Thomas Lennon, Michael Gandolfini, and Kyle Harvey. It will be released in theaters briefly on February 26, 2021 before being released on Apple TV+ on March 12, 2021.

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