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"Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" HD Remake Confirmed


In a true, welcome surprise for gamers, after rumors and leaks, it's been confirmed that Ubisoft that an HD remake of the acclaimed 2003 video game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is in fact coming, set for a release on platforms on January 21st, 2021. See the fantastic official trailer that confirmed it below:

The original game is considered a cornerstone of the industry. While the remake will retain all the distinct elements of the original version, particularly using the titular Sands of Time through a mystical dagger to control time itself (Reverse, accelerate, freeze, and slow it), it's gotten a complete overhaul in the visuals department. Fighting as the Prince (Which will see it's original voice actor Yuri Lowenthal return to his iconic role), you will face cursed enemies with new character models and solve some of the original's iconic puzzles with camera, controls, and combat having been completely rebuilt and updated for today’s standards. However, players can choose between original or modernized mapping.

Visually, the game has gotten a complete overhaul, boasting entirely new cinematic sequences along with enhanced voices, sounds, parkour animations, and soundtrack have been crated while the game itself will boast more realistic graphics, pre-baked rendering, and VFX. A fun feature of the remake is players can unlock the original Prince of Persia game (1992 Mac version) along the adventure and players can then access it from the Main Menu whenever you want. In conclusion, gamers get to enjoy a little nostalgia while rediscovering one of the greatest games of all-time in a whole new light. Stay tuned!

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